We all have challenges, some are visible some are not.

Life is always challenging us

Life is always challenging us. Those challenges are ere to teach and help us grow.

One day training for my Ironman #14 I met a paratriathlete at the pool. We swam together for awhile until we started to talk and he told me "You know, the only difference is that you can see my challenge". Referring to his physical challenge.

Life is always challenging us, mentally, physically and spiritually. I remember at that moment I realized that life is just like an endurance race....

Just like an endurance race

Just like in life, an endurance race (ironman) is always challenging you, mentally, physically and spiritually.  

In a race you to deal with many adversities, you go thru hi's and lo's, and in order to finish you must learn how to adapt with what you have, and EXCEED no matter how challenging the course may be.

"During an endurance race, anything can happen and it's never about winning, it's about EXCEEDING your own limits" R.W.

Challenging ourselves

That being said we physically challenge ourselves to help the ones physically challenged.