The annual row-a-ton is a 15 days of rowing for nemaline myopathy awareness. During this 14 days, each team or individuals have to row a minimum of a marathon (42.195 meters), however you can row-a-ton more: The goal is to accumulate as many meters as possible within those 15 days.  

Nemaline myopathy is a condition that pretty much causes muscle weakness. In my opinion (Luke's Dad here) there is nothing to be cure, because I believe we all have something to teach and something to learn in this world, and Luke is no different. Also, we all got our set of  challenges (I know I have mine), some are visible some are not. Research can help kids like Luke have a better quality of life with tools that will help them succeed in life.

By creating awareness we can create a more inclusive world with better tools for kids like Luke to shine their light. 

14 days of rowing

In order to participate is simple:

  1. Sign up!
  2. Row!
  3. Submit your distance and donate. We suggest $0.50 cents per 1000 meters, so if you row 42.195 meters that would be about $21 donation. 
  4. Profits goes to nemaline myopathy research. 

Submit distance and donate

Richard Wygand

"in 2018 we row a total of  1 152 675 meters, with 2 gyms, 7 solo participants, and 12 teams. 2019 the goal is to at least double those numbers."

interested in sponsoring the event?

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